Lichen removal from solar panels is a challenging task.  Clean Solar Solutions have the capability to remove lichen from solar panels, using a lichen removal chemical which has written approval from companies such as Canadian Solar, Sharp, JA Solar, Renesola and others.

Lichen create hotposts on solar panels, which are undesirable.  These hotspots create shading, which reduces the output from a solar array.  Left in situ, lichen can cause who cells within panels to fail permanently, so removing the lichen from the solar panels is essential.

Lichen can also multiply in number and spread across solar panels quickly, so when the problem presents itself on solar panels, it will not go away.  It will only get worse, so intervention is needed.

Four rows of ground mounted solar panels with lichen on

We are able to apply our chemical manually and then remove the lichen manually, or with our solar panel cleaning robot, depending on the system design and severity of the lichen issue.

Four rows of ground mounted solar panels with lichen removed

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