Solar Panel Cleaning & Thermal Imaging Completed Burton On Trent

Clean Solar Solutions have completed the solar panel cleaning and thermal imaging of a 250KW roof mounted solar array in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire.  The panels are mounted on top of a 17m high warehouse and so a large cherry picker was need in order for us to access the roof.

We had a team of 3 solar panel cleaners and a solar engineer on site who worked together in order to provide a thorough and professional service for our client.  

Solar Panel Cleaning Burton On Trent

The array is spread out across an elongated 'W' roof and has a waste site to the west side of the building.  This results in dust build up and also attracts the unwanted attention of the seagull population.  

Seagull Droppings On Solar Panels Burton On Trent

The seagulls rest on the solar panels and deposit faeces on the panels.  This causes hotspotting and decreases the output from the array.

Bird Droppings On Solar Panels Burton On Trent Thermal Image Of Bird Droppings On Solar Panels Burton On Trent

Our thermal imaging camera can show where the overheating is occurring on your solar panels and while we are on site, we can clean the solar panels, remove the bird droppings and increase the output of the array.  By having one company do both services on the same day, this can save you costly roof access costs, such as cherry picker hire.

We also completed a full visual inspection of the system from panel to inverter and identified a number of issues, such as missing safety signage, MC4 connectors lying in water and a piece of electrical trunking that had come adrift and that was being blown closer to the roof edge.  The building owner was blissfully unaware of these issues until full reporting was provided and the remedial action will be completed very soon.

We offer a nationwide thermal imaging, reporting and solar panel cleaning service.  If you would like further information and a free quotation, please feel free to contact us.