Solar Panels Cleaned At Screwfix HQ In Yeovil For Solarcentury

Clean Solar Solutions are well into the swing of things already in 2017, with their latest project being the cleaning of 962 solar panels, spread across 3 roofs at the Screwfix HQ in Yeovil.

 Solar Panel Cleaning Yeovil Solarcentury

The solar panels are spread across two pitched roofs, one around 25’ high and the other around 70’ high. Added to this is a barrel roof with a mansafe system fitted. Clean Solar Solutions were able to test the mansafe system prior to starting work. When everything was found to be in order, we could clean the solar panels safely.

Solar Panel Cleaning From Mansafe Yeovil

A large truck mounted cherry picker was needed in order to access the panels on the roofs. The majority of the solar panels were cleaned from the cherry picker cage itself.

Solar Panel Cleaning Yeovil

Yeovil has a significant seagull population and gulls were seen to be walking on top of the panels on the barrel roof and perching on the ridge of the roof on the larger building.  This resulted in the usual build-up of bird droppings.

 Bird Droppings On Solar Panels Yeovil

The cleaning of the solar panels was spread out across a two day period and this will no doubt have a positive effect on the performance of the system. The line of algae that was found along the bottom edge on many of the panels, coupled with the bird droppings will have been reducing the output of the system. Solarcentury recognised this and speedily arranged for the solar panels to be cleaned by us.

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We look forward to carrying out the cleaning at Screwfix in the future. If you are in or near Yeovil and have a requirement for solar panel cleaning, please feel free to contact us.