Solar Panel Cleaning Robots

Clean Solar Solutions are the only UK-based solar panel cleaning company to own and sell solar panel cleaning robots.  These cutting-edge robots clean both roof and ground mounted solar arrays to a high standard, as seen in the video below.

The lithium battery-powered robot is capable of working on slopes up to 25 degrees, with a variable speed of up to 30 metres per minute.  We can clean up to 5,000m2 per day with a single robot and operative.

Key Solar Panel Cleaning Robot Facts

  • Single operative use
  • Cleans roof and ground mounted panels
  • Length 1450 mm
  • Width 1300 mm
  • Height 350 mm
  • Brush width 1200 mm or 2200 mm
  • Total weight 65 kg
  • Brush rotation speed 160 RPM
  • Climbing capacity 25 degrees

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