Clean Solar Solutions Sponsor 8 Year Old 10K Charity Runner

by | May 8, 2018 | Charity

Clean Solar Solutions are sponsoring local child-hero Marcie Bufton as she seeks to run in two 5k events.  Marcie is just 8 years old, but she is seeking to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK.

This amazing young girl will run in the ‘Weston Park Muddy 5k’ on Saturday 12th May. This Race for Life is a brilliant 5k muddy obstacle course includes running, scrambling over A-frames and crawling through the mud pit. Marcie is looking forward to having fun with her friends, making new friends and raising valuable funds for BEATING CANCER.

On Sunday 3rd June, Marcie will also run a 5k cross country run at Telford Town Park, again raising money for Cancer Research UK.

This inspirational girl has sadly lost a number of family members to cancer and more recently, a family friend in January 2018. These losses moved Marcie to run in these Race For Life events.

Clean Solar Solutions have pledged £100.00 to sponsor Marcie and our Managing Director, Steve Williams, looks forward to being there in person and supporting Marcie at the ‘Weston Park Muddy 5k’. He says “My wife lost her own father to cancer 11 years ago. So when we heard of Marcie’s efforts in running these races, we were moved to support her and her cause in any way we can. We hope that like us, other people will be moved to sponsor Marcie and help towards the Cancer Research charity. We will all be very proud of Marcie as she crosses those finishing lines! Running these races at 30 years old is an achievement. But running at just 8 years old is phenomenal!”

You are able to sponsor Marcie by clicking this link:

Please be generous in your support for Marcie and for Cancer Research UK.