Solar installations and PV Solutions

Clean Solar Solutions provide solar installations and other PV solutions.  We have won multiple local and national awards.  Why?  Firstly, we provide a wide range suite of solar installations & solutions.  Secondly, we only provide the highest quality brands and components.  Thirdly, CSS aim for an exceptionally high finish.  Therefore, our solar installs are only made up from premium components.
As a result, this means your system will perform to an exceptionally high level.  Most importantly, it will be reliable for many years.  Our ‘premium only’ approach reduces downtime through component failure.  In conclusion, this reduces operational and maintenance costs over the 20-year lifespan of your system.

Step One: FREE Initial Consultation

Firstly, our representative will guide you through a 30-minute, free consultation over the phone.  This will help us discover more about your needs and your property.  We provide PV only, PV & battery & PV, battery & EV charger packages.

Step Two: Datalogger Installation

Secondly, one of our qualified engineers fits a new datalogger to your mains supply.  From the data captured, we will see your true power needs and your daily consumption profile. Payment can be done over our website or over the phone with our sales team.

Step Three: Detailed Full System Report

Thirdly, via the datalogger, we monitor the consumption in your property. From that data, our team will produce a detailed full system report.  We build a solar array design that fits your true needs.  We provide full system specs and estimated costs.

Step 4: You Make The Decisions

Clean Solar Solutions give you control over your installation options:

1.  Do It Yourself – With the report we provide, you will be able to purchase and manage the install yourself.

2.  CSS do it WITH you – CSS can assist you with the installation of your system.  We do this on a consulting basis, so your role is hassle-free.

3.  CSS do it FOR you – CSS are fully responsible for the installation and commissioning of your system.  We provide a 2-year installation warranty.

Step 5: System Installation

If you choose to have CSS install the system FOR you, you instruct your account manager.

CSS will undertake the communication with the DNO and your power provider on your behalf because it can be complicated.

We aim to complete the installation with minimum disturbance to you, so you can carry on with your life!

Once installed, we train you on system safety.  We provide the commissioning report and all other documents.  This includes a maintenance schedule.

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Click here now and let us know if you require:

1.  Basic – Solar installation only

2.  Mid-level – Solar and battery installation

3.  Complete Solution – Solar, battery and EV charger installation.

We look forward to providing our        award-winning services to you.