Remote PV Monitoring

Remote monitoring is essential for ensuring your solar array is running at it’s maximum capacity.  Your Return-On-Investment can be severely dented if you do not know of problems on your array straightaway.

Without remote monitoring, you may not be aware of a problem on your arrays for weeks or even months.  One outage could cost you more than the cost of years worth of remote monitoring.  

Our EnergyBit packages sit alongside your current monitoring system, if you have monitoring already installed, or we can install a professional monitoring platform for you if you do not currently have monitoring on the solar array.

Remote PV Monitoring

Why Have Remote Solar Panel Monitoring?

Your solar panels have an important job to do for you, by way of creating both energy and money.  So ensuring they are running at peak performance is essential.  Power losses and outages, create downtime and a loss of energy and revenue.  So the instead of asking why to have iit, we would ask, ‘Why would you not want it?’.  Why wouldn’t you like to keep an eye on the performance of your system, be notified the moment something goes wrong and ensure you are using the energy created in the most efficient way?

Clean Solar Solutions offer a remote monitoring platform for solar arrays varying in size from 30KW – 50MW.  This monitoring platform will provide you with up-to-date reports on revenue, system status, including fault detection and instantaneous alerts.

Remote PV Monitoring

Why Choose an EnergyBit Monitoring Package?

With our two EnergyBit packages, we are able to offer you the following choice of services:

EnergyBit Control

Package service includes:

  • Monthly report
  • Quarterly report
  • Annual report
  • Ticketing to the asset owner
  • Ticketing monitoring and control to asset owner or designated O&M provider

EnergyBit Control Lite

Package service includes:

  • Bi-annual report
  • Annual report
  • Monthly alert report
  • Ticketing to the asset owner or designated O&M provider

Requirements: Access to installation/site portal, secure 24/7 internet connection, web access to the generation and export meter.

Remote PV Monitoring

Do I Really Need It?

I already have a meter for my system. Is this the same as monitoring?

No.  When your solar array was installed, your installer very likely would have installed a meter.  This works in the same way as a gas or electric meter.  It merely tells you the amount of energy produced and a couple of other bits of information.  Remote monitoring is entirely different because it gives you a lot more detail and can predict the future performance of your system, as well as instantaneously producing a ticket when a fault arises.  Monitoring is far superior to just metering.

What if I already have monitoring installed?

Not a problem.  EnergyBit monitoring can access most monitoring platforms available.  We can monitor your array 24/7 from our UK-based control room.  If you have remote monitoring already installed, that’s fine.  If you don’t have any monitoring installed, we can recommend a solution bespoke to your system needs.

What are the advantages of remote solar monitoring?

Put simply, accurate reporting.  By having remote monitoring installed on your solar array, it will allow your chosen maintenance company to assess the health of your array and predict future usage, tailoring your future maintenance costs and ensure they will be working in a most cost-effective manner for you.  Instant notification of system failures can also draw you back a lot of money in lost production and output.

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