Solar Panel Cleaning Consultancy & Training

Clean Solar Solutions are an international award-winning company.

Our success has been founded on our expert knowledge of solar panel cleaning.  We offer a global solar panel cleaning consultancy and training service, fielding enquiries and training panel cleaners from all four corners of the world.

Solar Panel Cleaning Consultancy

Steve Williams has over 20 years of experience in the external cleaning industry.  Having set up his first cleaning business the day after he left school, his entrepreneurial spirit has driven him to spot an opportunity, embrace new technology and adapt to the needs of his clients.  He set up Clean Solar Solutions Ltd in July 2013, as he saw potential in the UK for a specialist, professional solar panel cleaning company.  His vision has led Clean Solar Solutions to develop into a wider O&M company for the solar industry in the U.K. and has overseen expansions into Australia and Ireland.

His continued research into all aspects of solar panel cleaning in multiple countries in both a practical and technical sense, gives him a unique understanding of global solar panel cleaning.

Steve is a global solar panel cleaning consultant, advising companies and individuals about correct asset management in regard to solar panel cleaning.  We provide solar panel cleaning advice on a whole range of subjects including:

  • Frequency of cleaning 
  • Optimising ROI
  • Soiling types
  • Soiling accumulation rates
  • Correct solar panel cleaning equipment
  • Solar panel cleaning within warranty guidelines
  • Cleaning large scale ground mounted solar farms
  • Cleaning large scale roof mounted solar arrays
  • Cleaning floating solar panels
  • Lichen growth on solar panels

Our solar panel cleaning consultancy service can provide clarity to your cleaning schedule and needs, ensuring your assets perform to a high standard for the long term.

Solar Panel Cleaning Training

Clean Solar Solutions offer a solar panel cleaning training course which can be conducted in any country or online.  This is currently available in English, but will also available in Spanish in the near future.


The Clean Solar Solutions solar panel cleaning training course has been delivered to over 350 people in the UK, Ireland and Australia.  It covers subjects that solar panel cleaners need to know, such as:

  • How do solar panels work?
  • What health and safety risks are associated with solar panel cleaning?
  • How to overcome such risks
  • What equipment is available and what equipment should be used for solar panel cleaning?
  • How often should solar panels be cleaned?
  • How do solar panel cleaning methods differ from country to country?
  • What is the future of solar panel cleaning? 

Upon course completion, a certificate of training and Clean Solar Solutions training card is provided.

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