4 Reasons Clean Solar Solutions Opened A Second U.K. Office

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Expansion

Clean Solar Solutions are pleased to announce that we have opened a second office near Salisbury, Wiltshire. The office opened for business on 4th January 2021 in anticipation of further demand for our cleaning services.

Steve Williams, Managing Director explains “We are very proud to announce this move during these turbulent times. It highlights the resilience of our company and business model, not to mention the strong character shown by our staff.

“We moved for 4 primary reasons. Firstly, we cater for a lot of clients below the M4 corridor and we had excessive travel costs and travel time with all of our staff being based in Shropshire. We lost a lot of hours of productivity just driving up and down the M5. Having two bases now means that we can allocate jobs to whoever is geographically closest, reducing travel times and costs.

Secondly, although we clean solar panels all year round, during peak season from March to October we found it a real struggle to keep up with demand. We were losing clients simply due to our response time. So this move will see new office and field-based staff being recruited which will reduce our response time down to a level that I find acceptable.

Thirdly, it will also allow us to take on more clients now that we have less travel time. This will increase the profitability of the business.

Lastly, it is good for staff morale to see that they are part of a progressive company, one that can progress even at times of political and economic downturn. During 2020, we acted swiftly in order to keep the long-term health of the company in prime condition. Drastic action was taken in the way we operated very early on in the pandemic. I and the staff now see the wisdom of such strong moves as we have still have the business in rudimentary health.”

Clean Solar Solutions currently operate in 6 countries and are eyeing further international expansion during 2021.