Clean Solar Solutions 2016 Review – September & October

by | Jan 2, 2017 | Uncategorized

We are reviewing accomplishments from Clean Solar Solutions during 2016.  Here we look back at outstanding projects from September and October.

September:  Solar farm cleaning continued full steam ahead.  September saw us clean Bentham solar farm near Swindon for Solar Farm Cleaning Ltd, Ayshford solar farm for Silverstone Green Energy, 

We also cleaned solar panels on over 40 residential properties for EEC Home Improvements during September as well as numerous privately generated enquiries from homeowners.

We were able to combine solar panel cleaning with skylight cleaning on a large commercial building at Victory Leisure Homes for Boston Renewables.  Victory Leisure Homes has a solar array mounted on the roof and due to the size of cherry picker that was involved for the clean, it was decided that cleaning the skylights in the roof would maximise the use of the cherry picker.  

We finished the month by cleaning the solar panels at Bilborough College for award-winning installer Evoenergy.

Finally, due to demand, September saw Clean Solar Solutions spread our wings further into the O&M world, by offering full servicing, repairs and maintenance for residential and commercial rooftop solar arrays smaller than 250KW.  this is proving to be a popular offering.  we are finding that many people are now synchronising the servicing and solar panel cleaning, which minimises cherry picker or other access costs.

October:  Normally, solar farm cleaning slows down in October, but there was no sign of that in 2016!  It proved to be our busiest month!  

We cleaned 5 solar farms simultaneously for Solar Farm Cleaning Ltd in Cardiff, Swansea, Haverfordwest, Tenby and Rhyd-Y-Pandy in South Wales and another in Milton Keynes.

Another solar panel clean of note was the cleaning of floating solar panels on the United Utilities-owned Godley Reservoir for O&M provider, Encome Energy Performance Limited.  We envisage floating solar panel cleaning to be a service that we will provide more of during 2017, as we see the popularity of floating solar panels increase. 

Other notable solar panel cleans included the cleaning of a 500KW roof mounted solar array at Gloucestershire’s Quedgeley Business Park for Ethical Power and the latest round of cleaning at Parker Steel for Belgian company, Perpetum.