Clean Solar Solutions 2016 Review – November & December

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We conclude our review of the year here at Clean Solar Solutions with a look back at notable projects from November and December.

November:  November normally sees no solar farm cleaning, but demand has been high this year and the demand for cleaning shows little sign of abating.  November saw us clean our penultimate solar farm of the year.  It was the 5MW Great Seabrook solar farm near Luton on behalf of Solar Farm Cleaning Ltd.

We also cleaned the solar panels on a 250KW roof mounted project for Middleton Shopping Centre in Hartlepool.

During November, we also fitted bird proofing to solar panels on over 30 properties for Anesco and Oakapple Renewable Energy.

We also came up against a difficult clean at Lea Manor Farm near Chester, where not only is it a dairy, so the panels get very dusty, but they also have a large pigeon colony there and the panels were covered in bird droppings.  We worked hard though and restored the output of the solar panels.

We also carried out solar panel cleaning repairs, inverter maintenance  and re-positioned some solar panels and Pym & Wildsmith Metal Finishers near Uttoxeter.  Some solar panels had been positioned right next to some extraction chimneys where burr was soiling the solar panels and others were suffering shading issues..  Output had plummeted on this site as a result of the poor positioning of the panels and a lack of general maintenance.  When this was recognised by the system owners, we reacted speedily to rectify the problem.  The re-positioning of the panels, along with the servicing and cleaning of the whole system was completed in a day, resulting in minimal down time for the array owners.

December:   We finished our year in another flurry of activity with over 30 more solar panel arrays had bird proofing fitted in Manchester and other areas.

We also cleaned our last solar farm for the year at Pentylands, near Swindon for Solar Farm Cleaning Ltd.

We also cleaned a 250KW roof mounted array at the University of St Marks and St Johns in Plymouth and cleaned the solar panels on a dairy farm near Banbury for Powersun, among other smaller projects.

Conclusion. – By Steve Williams M.D. of Clean Solar Solutions.

“2016 has been our best year ever!  We have cleaned solar panels on the ground, roofs and even on water.  Sometimes it has felt like we have walked on water when we have completed jobs to some very tight deadlines!  

Considering in 2015 we cleaned around 46MW of solar and we fitted bird proofing to a handful of solar panel systems, we set what we felt to be an ambitious target of cleaning 100MW of solar and fitting bird proofing to 50 solar arrays. We have blown those figures out of the water by cleaning over 250MW of solar and fitting bird proofing to over 200 solar panel systems!!!

We have also expanded our range of services to include solar PV servicing, maintenance and repairs, thermal imaging of solar panels and have forged partnerships with a number of companies including drone thermal imaging.  What a year it has been!  

At a time when many companies in the solar industry are in decline, we are glad to have increased our members of staff four-fold this year and we are still looking to recruit people who fit our ethos, ready for 2017.

All of this gives good testimony to all of our hardworking, dedicated and knowledgeable staff, coupled with strong customer service and our eye for detail.  

What does 2017 have in store for Clean Solar Solutions?  Watch this space!  We are making plans for more growth in the UK and abroad (!) and we look forward to providing our services to you throughout 2017.”