Clean Solar Solutions Secure Polywater Distribution Contract

by | Oct 18, 2019 | Partnerships

Clean Solar Solutions continue to press ahead with their comprehensive solar panel cleaning offering with a distribution contract with American chemical supplier, Polywater.

Speaking of the new partnership, Klaas Litooj, General Manager for Polywater says “Polywater is working with Clean Solar Solutions because of their expert status in the market of PV panel cleaning. Clean Solar Solutions aligns with our company goals to be the go-to specialists and market leaders in the global market of PV cleaning, working with top quality solar panel cleaning fluids that are tested thoroughly for the job. Polywater will continue working on enhancing cleaning products based on field data and experience of certified cleaning companies like Clean Solar Solutions.”

Soiling on solar panels in the U.K. has proven to be difficult to remove for a variety of reasons. These have been well-documented by Clean Solar Solutions and include detritus types including bird droppings, bee pollen and lichen. 

Another reason that panels have soiling which is difficult to remove is due to panels not being cleaned often enough. Some soiling types have been left on panels for years in some instances and they etch into the glass of the panels or stain the panels. Cleaning with water alone may not be able to remove these soiling types or soiling levels.

Polywater’s solar panel cleaning fluid is a highly concentrated, non-solvent compound that leaves panel surface areas clean and shiny. Panels cleaned with the fluid maximize power generation and economic return of PV installations. The product effectively removes bird droppings, jet fuels, dust, lichen, pollen, salt spray and pollution residues.  It is also harmless to the environment, meaning it can be used on grond mounted solar panel cleaning projects.

Steve Williams, Managing Director of Clean Solar Solutions comments “We identified some time ago that we needed a chemical to assist with the cleaning of solar panels. However, whilst the chemical market has identified a need and has developed solar panel cleaning fluids, the vast majority have not been tested and will therefore, invalidate the solar panel manufacturers warranties.

“The reason we have chosen to use Polywater’s product is because it had approval for use from JA Solar, SolarWorld and Canadian Solar. Clean Solar Solutions have also gone on to get approvals from a number of other companies such as Sharp and Renesola. This solar panel cleaning fluid is very effective and keeps solar panel warranties in-tact. We are pleased to have secured the U.K. distribution of such a high-quality product.”

Clean Solar Solutions have been using the solar panel cleaning chemical for around 18 months and it is particularly effective at removing bird droppings and lichen from solar panels. Lichen particularly has been the bane of panel cleaning companies and asset owner’s lives over the last year or so, with everyone scratching their heads about how to remove it. The results of cleaning with the chemical are quite remarkable.

This partnership brings together two of the solar panel cleaning industries most innovative companies which will no doubt result in good results for all involved.