Panel Cleaning Benefits Stack Up On Brickyard Solar Farm

by | Jul 5, 2016 | Natural Generation, Solar Farm Cleaning

Clean Solar Solutions have completed the cleaning of the solar panels at Brickyard Solar Farm at Leamington Spa. The 4.1MW solar farm is made up of 15,058 solar panels and was installed by Sun Glow Power.

This site is one of 5 solar farms that we have been contracted to clean by Cornwall based installer and O&M provider, Natural Generation.

The clean was carried out in March 2016, in less than a week.  This is an ideal time for cleaning, preparing the panels for the sunnier days of the spring and summer.  The clean solar panels will produce more electricity than dirty solar panels and the cleans were planned as part of Natural Generation’s preventative maintenance works.

If you have a solar farm that you need cleaning as part of routine maintenance or in preparation for a sale, please feel free to contact us.