Solar Panel Cleaning At BMW Mini Plant In Oxford Completed

by | Mar 19, 2017 | Bird Issues, Oxford

Clean Solar Solutions have completed cleaning the solar panels on the roof of the BMW Mini plant in Oxford.  The 3MW solar array is spread across 3 roofs and has a total of 11,659 solar panels, spread across 20,000 square meters.

The solar panels were originally installed in 2014 and part of the array had fallen victim to a bird dropping strike. Clean Solar Solutions were called in to expertly clean the affected solar panels and the job was completed ahead of schedule, quickly returning the site to full efficiency.   

Speaking about our cleaning of the solar panels, BMW Head of Sustainability spoke with Clean Solar Solutions M.D. Steve Williams and said “Sustainability is a guiding principle of BMW’s corporate strategy.  By 2020, the BMW Group will be the leader in the use of renewable energy in production and value creation.  Efficient solar systems are part of the success story.”

Clean Solar Solutions are glad to be playing their small part in helping the BMW Group reach their renewable targets with their solar panel cleaning service.  Commenting on this, Williams states “The BMW Group and other large corporations continue to press forward with renewable ideals.  They have amazing ambitions and here in the UK, we should be listening to their plans and strategies.  We as a company are proud to be providing our services to such global brands as the BMW Group and look forward to helping them hit their targets in any way we can.”

It continues to be the case that birds are blighting solar panels across the country.  Now that spring is approaching, this problem will only get worse as birds mark their territory and begin the nesting season.  

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Bird droppings can inhibit output considerably by creating hotspots, shading and etching on solar panels.  This can have a dramatic negative effect on PR, so acting quickly is a must.  Clean Solar Solutions can provide you with a swift (no pun intended!) solution to the bird dropping problem you may face on a solar array and also provide you with advice and solutions on how to reduce bird activity around the solar panels.  

Please contact our bird proofing team for more information.