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"Clean Solar Solutions are a very client-oriented company, working in a professional way required in the industrial environment." - Tim Maeyens, Site Manager, NV Terranova - home of Belgium's largest solar park.

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On this website you can find out more about all of our O&M services. If you are requiring specific information regarding our solar panel cleaning service, please visit our dedicated solar panel cleaning website.

Clean Solar Solutions bring our expertise with a wider range of solar maintenance services as a preferred Operations & Maintenance (O&M) partner and service provider for solar array owners in the U.K., solar panel cleaning across the whole of Europe and full solar maintenance in Australia and Ireland.  We also offer professional wind turbine cleaning.  

Since 2013, Clean Solar Solutions have been leading the UK solar panel cleaning industry, providing expert, professional cleaning services to clients looking to improve the performance of their solar panels.  We are proud to have grown and become an international award winning operations and maintenance company.

We can provide you with a 24 hour service, 7 days a week and a guaranteed 24 hour response time, if required.  This enables us to offer a high quality, reactive O&M service.  Our aim with each of our services is to ensure your solar array sees improved performance and is kept running to it's optimum level.

Solar panel repairs and maintenance

Maintenance, Servicing & Repairs

Components on solar arrays can fail, you can come out of your warranty or your installer is no longer trading.  Due to this, there is a growing demand as solar arrays come out of warranty for operations and maintenance (O&M) packages.  We provide bespoke O&M packages to suit your needs.

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Thermal imaging of solar panels

IR Drone & Handheld Thermal Imaging

We provide IR thermal imaging via drone and handheld thermal imaging cameras.  We then provide you with detailed reports and analysis into problems with your solar panels and components that may be unseen to the naked eye.

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Bird Proofing On Solar Panels

Bird Proofing & Deterrents

Birds can create all sorts of problems for solar array owners, particularly pigeons and seagulls.  Bird droppings and bird nesting both can have a massive impact on the efficiency of your solar array.  We can provide a whole host of bird roofing solutions which can both stop birds from accessing the underside of your solar panels or even from visiting the area completely.

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Solar panel cleaning robot

Solar Panel Cleaning

We offer both manual and robotic solar panel cleaning on both ground and roof mounted solar arrays.  We also provide specialist services, such as removing lichen from solar panels.  We also offer a solar panel cleaning consultancy and training service.

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Solar farm ground maintenance UK

Ground Maintenance

Ground maintenance is an essential part of maintaining your solar farm.  We provide a complete grass cutting, hedge trimming, weed killing and tree surgery service.  We create and tailor our package to suit the specific needs of your solar farm or portfolio.

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Wind turbine cleaning UK

Wind Turbine Cleaning

With over 20 years of cleaning experience and 6 years specifically in the renewables sector, Clean Solar Solutions are well placed to offer a comprehensive wind turbine cleaning service.  Grease, algae and other forms of dirt build up on all parts of the wind turbine structure.  We can provide such a service using abseiling methods or cherry pickers, depending on the size of the project.

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