Operations & Maintenance Partnership Formed with Beco Energy

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Uncategorized

Clean Solar Solutions are glad to have been chosen as an operations and maintenance partner with Beco Energy.  Beco Energy are a very well established and experienced renewables company who are based in Totnes in Devon. 

Established in 1979, Beco Energy deliver energy savings across a wide variety of sectors, using a whole range of renewables technology, including solar power.  Their clients include the Environment Agency and Breitling Orbiter, but they also utilise their experience to cater for the energy needs of schools and local community projects also.

Clean Solar Solutions will aid by providing them with a range of our operations and maintenance services, including solar panel cleaning, bird proofing, solar maintenance and servicing.  

Clean Solar Solutions M.D. Steve Williams beams “In light of the longevity, accumulated experience and client base that Beco Energy have, we are delighted that they have chosen Clean Solar Solutions as an O&M partner.  We look forward to providing them and their clients with a swift, high quality service.  These high levels of service are what is propelling us forward rapidly as a company.”

If you are a seeking an operations and maintenance partner who specialises in non-electrical solar maintenance, please feel free to contact us.