Solar Panel Cleaning Sees Output Soar at Bournemouth Airport

by | May 19, 2016 | Uncategorized

Clean Solar Solutions have completed the solar panel cleaning on a solar farm next to Bournemouth Airport.  The 37.3MW solar farm houses over 149,000 solar panels across 48.5 hectares of the Dorset countryside.

Clean Solar Solutions were chosen by O&M provider Silverstone Green Energy to carry out the cleaning, based on our experience in the field and our ability to deliver on projects of scale.  Suitably impressed with the progress made on the Bournemouth site, Silverstone assigned the cleaning of Tengore Solar Farm in Somerset to Clean Solar Solutions also.

We began the cleaning of Tengore Solar Farm began during the cleaning of the solar panels at Bournemouth Airport and simultaneously cleaning solar panels on other sites in Shropshire, Lancashire, Surrey, Kent, Glamorganshire and a number of other counties.

Speaking of the infrastructure of Clean Solar SOlutions, M.D. Steve Williams comments “We have reach all over the UK and have teams that we can deploy team simultaneously at short notice in multiple locations across the UK.  This allows us to offer both a preventative service and a reactive service to our clients.

“We advise all to plan the solar panel cleaning well in advance, but should a system need cleaning urgently, we can respond with speed and efficiency.  This kind of speedy, high quality service is what the industry requires.”

The solar farm next to Bournemouth Airport is believed to be the largest site cleaned manually in the UK to date, proving that annual cleaning is a viable, cost effective solution for solar panel cleaning, even on large solar farms.  Some solar panel cleaning machines are running into warranty and insurance issues, but with manual cleaning, there are no such concerns.

Clean Solar Solutions expected to clean around 100MW of solar panels during 2016.  However, by the end of May, we will have completed the cleaning of 125MW and now that the solar industry realises the positive impact that solar panel cleaning can have, the sites continue to come in thick and fast.

If you have a solar farm that you need cleaning or if you live in the Bournemouth area and have a solar array of any size which requires cleaning, please feel free to contact us.